"Celluloaf worked wonders on my home! Not only are we 'toasty' warm, I can't seem to keep my husband from buttering the walls!"

-Jenny Sue, Bakersville NC

What is Celluloaf?

Celluloaf is a yeast, flour, and cellulose based insulation formula used to shield your home from dramatic cold and warm temperatures all while filling your domicile with the smell of freshly baked bread!
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How Does it Work?

1. You have a house that's leaking energy! Oh no! 2. We inject Celluloaf into the walls of your home. 3. You enjoy the benefit of a tight, savory smelling home.
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Why Choose Celluloaf?

Why not!? With Celluloaf you get the comfort of a professionally insulated home with the added bonus of sweetly scented rooms. Who doesn't love coming into a home whose rooms give you a warm, cozy bread hug?

Our Guarantee

Every Celluloaf service comes with a 2 year satisfaction guarantee. If your home doesn't smell like piping hotbuns right outta the oven, we'll give you a full refund and be very sad to see you go.