"Celluloaf worked wonders on my home! Not only are we 'toasty' warm, I can't seem to keep my husband from buttering the walls!"

-Jenny Sue, Bakersville NC

About Celluloaf

Celluloaf is the awesome new insulation product that solves....well it solves everything. 

Does your insulation perform badly because of voids? Fast rising Celluloaf uses the power of yeast to expand to fill any cavity perfectly and completely.

Is your insulation just plain boring? Seriously, even if your insulation is the color of Barbie's Funhouse, what good is that when it's behind the sheetrock forever?

Is your insulation inert? What fun is that? Celluloaf is the "active" insulation that rises and provides the smell of toasty goodness throughout your house. 

Is some misunderstood R number the only identifier for your insulation? Get the insulation that has personality, aroma and a huge following around the country. Who doesn't love toast?

Listen to an audio testimonial below: